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A&R Group Strike Intelligent Partnership

A&R Group are delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Intelligent Membranes.

The new agreement will see A&R Group become Intelligent Membranes’ logistical partner for the UK and Europe as part of a wide-ranging collaboration between the two companies.

Based in Croydon, Cambridgeshire, Intelligent Membranes are fast becoming the home of eco-friendly building solutions and products, including Passive Purple, the world’s most airtight liquid-applied vapour control membrane.

As well as shipping, A&R will also provide storage solutions for several hundred tonnes of products at multiple sites throughout the country to enable Intelligent Membranes to meet the demand of their rapid growth.

Adam White, CEO and Founder, Intelligent Membranes:

“This partnership is invaluable for us as we grow as a business. We have chosen A&R for their professionalism and reliability. They always deliver what is promised and having them on board is like adding another arm to our organisation. We have high standards and we needed to find a logistics partner that match those standards. A&R fit the bill perfectly.”

Roger Arnold, Director, A&R Group:

“We are delighted that Intelligent Membranes have chosen us to be their logistics partner. They are an exciting, fast-growing business who need haulage that they can rely on. We’re pleased that we can use our expertise to facilitate the huge demand for their products which spans the continent.”
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